NAVTECH Training Courses

Eric Stratton, Orange Beach, Alabama

"An extremely efficient shortcut to the business!"  Thank you, I somehow felt this was the business for me and I was getting ready to retire from seagoing duties anyway.  I am so happy with my new were right on everything." 
Keith Nevrincean, New Jersey

".....the survey course has paid for itself many times over and I am grateful.  In the beginning I had my doubts and the thought did occur that this was another get rich quick scheme....but it has....and I am a happy camper"
Larry Goodman, Fulton, Mississippi

Use the links below to register for a NAVTECH course(s) or if you wish to apply for membership in the US Surveyors AssociationNAVTECH courses and US Surveyor Association membership may be taken simultaneously.  US Surveyors Association certification numbers are issued to US Surveyors Association members only.  A diploma is issued to graduates of all NAVTECH courses.

NAVTECH courses and discount packages:

1.    NAVTECH Marine Surveyors Course and Guide (recreation and
        small commercial)

2.    Library Package Discount for the Master Marine Surveyor
       (includes Marine Surveyor course, Fishing Vessel Title 46 Certification,
       Accident and Fraud Investigation course, Corrosion Control Guide,
       Cargo Surveying course and USCG forms).

3.    Multiple Discount Order Form (when registering for more than
       one course)